A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. – Christopher Reeve

Latest Episodes

There is Help and there is Hope with Dr. Doug Gray

Dr. Doug Gray is a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Utah and has spent over 30 years studying suicide and helping people overcome depression and suicidal thoughts....

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The Importance of Staying Positive with Gold Medalist Kikkan Randall

Imagine winning your countries first gold medal and then coming home to find out you have cancer.  That’s the reality that Kikkan Randall faced in 2018 after the Winter...

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From the Streets to Success with Kathleen Gage

In her 20’s Kathleen was living on the streets addicted to alcohol and drugs.  She now owns a successful business, writes books, runs marathons, and rescues animals…and that’s just...

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Brian Crane – You Have Something Valuable

Brian always had a dream to be a cartoonist and write a comic strip.  But he never had the confidence in himself to pursue his dream.  With the encouragement...

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Clint Pulver – Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart So Better Things Can Fall Together

What would happen if you were told that you had a 50% chance of losing your eyesight and that you would never realize your dream of becoming a pilot?...

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Austen Williams – God Was My Rock At The Bottom

She’s an accomplished dancer, actress, business owner, and winner of Mrs. America. But Austen Williams has gone through her fair share of trial and adversity. In this episode Austen...

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